Six skills every modern marketer needs to master

Like every other industry, the world of marketing has been drastically altered by today’s technology. Today’s marketers have access to more customer communication channels and more data than ever before, which can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there’s nearly limitless potential to use technology to create customized, effective campaigns. On the other hand, you must have the necessary knowledge base and skills to make the most of modern tech tools.

As leaders in their respective fields, the members of Business Journals Leadership Trust are constantly building their skills and learning how to apply them to various parts of their business, including marketing. To that end, we asked six of them to name some unique skills every marketer should build and why. Here are their top recommendations.


Marketing is more data-driven than ever before. Know your numbers and how to articulate the ROI of the various programs. Collaborate with sales, customer success and finance to establish what are the baseline metrics to measure. – Cindy ZhouLogRhythm


Technology is a marketer’s superpower from advertising and analytics to social media and website presence. The ability to quickly adopt new technology is the most important skill marketers need to develop. Marketing technology and best practices are evolving rapidly; a willingness to experiment and learn new skills is going to take you farther than being super-proficient in any one technology. – Jolene WigginsGravy Analytics


A growth mindset is more important than ever for marketers. Many disciplines are evolving rapidly, but in marketing, it is trivial for others to jump on a concept that works. This floods the market with more of the same, leading to rapidly diminishing effectiveness. The approaches that work today won’t work tomorrow, so marketers must constantly evolve what they do to stay ahead of the crowd. – Rich CampagnaBalbix

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