The Scoop on Alexandria’s Frozen Sweets

Forbes magazine once called Alexandria the “Ice Cream Cone Capital of the United States.” Plus, a 2019 study from Gravy Analytics showed the District ranked third in the United States for ice cream consumption.

Fortunately, most ice cream shops in the area are open for take-out right now.

That includes the oldest shop in continuous operation in the same location, The Creamery at 110 King St., which opened in 1984. Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream, across the street at 109 King St., opened later, but its namesake Ray “Pop” Giovanni, was in the ice cream business as early as the 1940s. 

Brain Freeze!

If you get the dreaded “brain freeze” headache from eating ice cream too fast, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth or drink something warm. An ice cream headache happens when your sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia nerves toward the back of your palate, which are sensitive to cold, go into overdrive.

We were pleased to participate in the research behind this piece. Want to read more about Alexandria’s Ice Cream scene? Read the rest of Alexandria Living’s article by clicking below.

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