COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior.
It’s time to win your customers back.

Get the customer insights & analytics you need to succeed in the new economy.


Customer Analytics With Location Intelligence

COVID-19 has dramatically altered consumer behavior, forcing businesses to rethink their customer relationships and marketing strategies from the ground up. But when so much has changed, how do you start to win your customers back?

Leading companies use location-powered customer analytics to reconnect with their customers and rise to this challenge. Customer analytics provide in-depth insight into consumer movement and economic activity. Understand who your customers are and how they have changed – and will continue to change.

Discover the places your customers go and the brands they’re most likely to visit. Easily determine your buyer personas, and see how your customers are different from your competitors’. Use new customer insights to inform your marketing strategies, set business priorities, and take data-driven action as consumer activity increases and the economy starts to awaken.

How can you use customer analytics?

Win back your customers, jumpstart your digital marketing programs, and rise to the challenge of new consumer expectations — giving you the advantage in a new economy.

Learn how businesses are using location-powered customer analytics to their advantage.

Discover Buyer Personas

Find your audience

Reach more interested buyers. Location-based audiences help you reach customers who have previously visited your business or one just like it.


Reconnect with your customers

Tailor communications that win back your current and former customers on the device they use most — their mobile phone.

Mapping the Customer Journey

Discover new customer behavior

Learn about the other places your customers are likely to visit, and the brands they engage with on the way.

Market Research

Compare business performance

Compare and contrast your customers’ customer journey to the industry. Inform inventory or services offered, customer support, and staffing.

Find your buyer personas

Understand your customers’ activities and interests compared to those of your industry. Identify similarities and differences in consumer behavior.

Consumer Trends

Measure results over time

Keep track of how many customers are visiting your locations, and see how your foot traffic compares to the industry as a whole.


Gravy Navigate

Your customer analytics package includes:

1. Analyze

Complete customer analysis — culminating in a custom audience — lets you win back your past customers and find new ones.

2. Activate

Activate your custom audience via your DMP/DSP or by enriching your customer data with buyer personas in your CRM.*

3. Advise

A customer analytics dashboard illustrates how your customers — and your competition —continues to change so you can make data-driven business decisions.


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Gravy Navigate FAQs

How can I use customer analytics?

You can use customer analytics to measure customer behavior and how it changes over time. This data can be used to adjust your marketing strategy, to inform your product inventory or service offerings, to benchmark your company’s performance against the competition, and to refine and optimize your approach to digital marketing.

How does Gravy analyze my customer base and build my custom audience?

Gravy uses mobile location signals to assemble a customer data file of people who are known to have visited your locations previously. This customer data file is then used to build your custom audience. If you choose, your data file can include lookalike consumers or your competitors’ customers — people who may be very interested in your products or services but who have not shopped with you in the past..

What can I do with Buyer Personas?

The customer analytic “Buyer Personas” gives you an improved understanding of your customer base, by interpreting your customers’ patterns of behavior over time. You can also use your customer personas to quickly expand your advertising to consumers who share similar interests with your current customer base.

What does foot traffic data tell me about my customers?

You can use location analytics to measure foot traffic at your business and to understand how your foot traffic compares to your competitors in the category. For example, you might discover that your foot traffic declined less than your competitors during the same timeframe and that you now have a greater share of foot traffic in the category.

How can I compare my performance with my competitors?

Not only can you compare foot traffic patterns, but you can also compare customer behavior. Customer analytics including affinity to places and chains let you understand the types of places your customers visit and the brands they engage with. You can also see how your customers’ visit patterns compare to those of your competitors, and how both are changing.

How do I know what has changed?

Customer analytics are shown for the most current period, and for the period prior, making it easy to compare key data points between one timeframe and another. Easily identify what has changed in terms of places or brands visited or buyer personas so that you can react quickly to emerging customer trends and preferences.

The Location Data Difference



Billions of daily location signals from 150M+ mobile devices



The largest events database gives context to millions of places and POIs



Consumer attendances at places and events built on 100% deterministic location data

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