Omnichannel Attribution

We offer location data solutions for companies looking to adapt their omnichannel attribution strategy and understand the effectiveness of their digital ad campaigns.


Using Location Data for Omnichannel Attribution

In today’s economy, the commercial It’s important for advertisers to understand how their ad campaigns affect a consumer’s real-world actions. Omnichannel attribution is connecting offline interactions to real-world consumer behavior. This allows advertisers to understand whether or not their campaigns are effective at driving in-store foot traffic.

Connect Foot Traffic Data to Sales and In-Store Visits

With our location data solutions, you can analyze foot traffic data before, during, and after a digital ad campaign. Your company can connect the actions of consumers who have viewed ads to in-store visits and purchase decisions.

Understand the Customer Journey

Understand the Customer Journey

You should map customer journeys offline and online. Don’t assume that a sale might be only made at only a certain customer journey point. Foot traffic data is a great way for advertisers to understand where customers go before and after they visit a place of interest. This allows you to determine how to adapt your omnichannel attribution strategy to incorporate your customer’s offline and online experiences seamlessly.

Turn Foot Traffic Data into Real-World Consumer Insights

Location analytics provides you with data to correlate with sales. By enhancing your sales data with in-store visits and ad interactions, you can match physical consumer actions to the appropriate advertising. As a result, you won’t have to guess which ads lead to specific actions.

Increase Digital Ad Campaign Effectiveness 

Want to increase the ROI and CTR of your future digital advertising campaigns? For a real-world example of the effectiveness of our location data solutions for ad campaigns, we recommend downloading and reading our TGI Friday’s case study.


Speak to an expert about how to use location data to support your omnichannel attribution strategy today.

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