Gravy Open Geo-Signals Cloud

The Location-Signal Verification Network

Gravy’s Open Geo-Signals Cloud is the first & only location-signal verification network that eliminates inaccurate, incomplete & even fraudulent signals – leaving you with only the best, verified data that drives results.

We take your hashed Ad IDs with location signals, process them through our AdmitOneTM  location signal & attendance verification engine, then we append Gravy TruLifeTM predictive segments & return it all to you for analytics & monetization.

Use Gravy’s Open Geo-Signals Cloud* for:

Premium audience targeting by:

  • Lifestyle or life stage

  • Interests & affinities

  • In-market intenders

  • Adding foot traffic attribution to your campaign metrics reporting

  • Reducing media spend waste and driving up eCPMs

* Available via Gravy’s lightweight, low-battery drain SDK or secure API batch