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Enter your mobile device advertising identifier in the box below and press ‘Submit’ to opt-out of our use and sale of your mobile location data.

The opt-out is device-specific, which means that you need to opt-out separately for each of your mobile devices.

If you reset your mobile device’s advertising identification number through your device’s privacy settings, you will need to opt-out again with the new number.

Enter the required information and click ‘Submit’ to have us attempt to verify your identity in order to comply with your request. Please only send the required information; do not send your name, phone number, or any other personal information.

How do I find my mobile advertiser ID or MAID?

Follow the instructions below to find your mobile advertiser ID:

iOS Devices
  • Open the app to view your mobile advertiser ID, or IDFA
Android Devices
  • Open the app to view your mobile ad ID, or UDID

Alternatively, if you have an Android mobile device, you can locate your Android ID, called the Android Advertising ID, by opening the Setting app on your Android device and clicking “Ad.s”. Your Android Advertising ID will be listed on the bottom of the screen.

What if Gravy cannot find my mobile advertiser ID?

If we cannot find your mobile advertiser ID, then we do not have any information about your device in our system.

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