Adjusting To The “New Normal” Of Transit Advertising

June 3, 2021

With the recent lifts in COVID restrictions, advertisers are beginning to adjust to a “New Normal”. Key to this transition is transit advertising. The way people move is more dynamic than ever, and advertisers need to be just as dynamic in order to keep up. We spoke to Jeff White, CEO of Gravy Analytics, a company that focuses on location-based analytics. Jeff discussed how consumers are changing the way they move, as well as the importance of ‘location intelligence’ for advertisers. Here’s what he had to say:

Will Farmer: How has the way people move changed since the beginning of the pandemic?

Jeff White: The past year has seen a huge shift in the way people move in the real world. While only time will tell which changes will be permanent and which were more temporary adjustments to COVID-19, it’s clear that a “new normal” will be forged. At the onset of the pandemic, stay-at-home orders meant that the way people moved ground to a halt in most instances. As the situation has progressed and vaccination efforts are making Americans more comfortable with venturing out, we’ve seen different categories regain foot traffic at varying rates, and it’s easy to see why some are recovering faster than others.

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