Consumers happy to share if there’s something in it for them

December 12, 2022
Recent survey results reveal consumers are open to sharing data regarding their locations for personal and societal benefits, but privacy concerns linger

Consumers are happy for companies to use location data, but only if it leads to benefits for them personally or for society at large, according to new research.

Enterprise location intelligence provider Gravy Analytics found a total of 73 percent of survey respondents in their most recent research indicated users share their location information to improve app functionality, including navigating to a destination, showing weather or news, or finding nearby events. A total of 39 percent of respondents reported they share their location information to download and use apps for free and 23 percent to receive relevant ads and promotions.

When considering how location data is used to improve society, 73 percent of respondents would want their aggregated and anonymised location data to be used to improve emergency response management during natural disasters, say the researchers. Additionally, 45 percent would want their location data to be used to improve the quality of key public services like public transportation, and 38 percent would want this data used to add new amenities to communities that residents want.

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