FT ranking: The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2022

April 5, 2022

A medtech business leads the field of 500 companies, knocking a fintech lender off the top spot 

The third annual FT ranking of The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies captures the resilience of businesses as they adapted to the initial onslaught of the Covid pandemic, in 2020. Since that initial response, business leaders across the region have vowed to “build back better” — with increased digitalisation across several sectors and faster improvements in green energy generation and infrastructure. The technology sector enjoyed rapid growth as the coronavirus crisis deepened and more people began to work, shop and communicate through digital channels. Some companies have since seen their growth slow as lockdowns were lifted. As with last year’s ranking, technology — led by North American companies — accounts for nearly 28 per cent of the overall list, followed by financial services (7 per cent) and health (6.4 per cent).

RankRanked 2021NameCountryCategoryAbsolute Growth Rate [in %]Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) [in %]Revenue 2020 [in US $m]Revenue 2017 [in US $m]
1 NoAxonicsUSHealth87,036.7855.1111.50.14162013Yes
2NoHuman BeesUSSupport Services48,345.0685.452.00.1852012No
3NoCoherus BioSciencesUSPharmaceuticals30,479.9573.7475.81.63172010Yes
4NoCare + WearUSHealth26,545.9543.534.10.1152014No
5NoBrander GroupUSTelecoms25,067.9531.430.80.152016No
6NoSlogen PowerUSEnergy21,690.0501.832.90.22202017No
8NoCara TherapeuticsUSPharmaceuticals14,727.9429.3135.10.9802004Yes
9NoUltragenyx PharmaceuticalUSPharmaceuticals10,276.3369.9271.02.68932010Yes
10NoThe Vertical CollectiveUSFashion9,634.8360.052.30.5162015No
11NoThe Vertical CollectiveUSFashion9,634.8360.052.30.5162015No
12NoKart it USEcommerce7,032.9314.712.60.2802017No
13NoMoLo SolutionsUSTransport5,311.0278.2269.05.02972017No
14NoPomerenke HoldingsUSAutomobiles5,164.0274.85.91.05 2015No
16NoEsdiez ConstructoraColumbiaConstruction4,787.7265.64.20.1272014No
17YesLifeboost CoffeeUSFood & Beverage4,699.7263.415.60.3262015No
18NoInnovien SolutionsNoTechnology4,687.6263.116.40.31192017No
19NoSales BoomerangUSTechnology3,881.6241.55.80.1342017No
20 NoAlabaster CoUSEcommerce3,856.1240.74.30.152016No
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