A highway vehicle routing dataset during the 2019 Kincade Fire evacuation

October 7, 2022

As the threat of wildfire increases, it is imperative to enhance the understanding of household evacuation behavior and movements. Mobile GPS data provide a unique opportunity for studying evacuation routing behavior with high ecological validity, but there are little publicly available data. We generated a highway vehicle routing dataset derived from GPS trajectories generated by mobile devices (e.g., smartphones) in Sonoma County, California during the 2019 Kincade Fire that started on October 23, 2019. This dataset contains 21,160 highway vehicle routing records within Sonoma County from October 16, 2019 to November 13, 2019. The quality of the dataset is validated by checking trajectories and average travel speeds. The potential use of this dataset lies in analyzing and modeling evacuee route choice behavior, estimating traffic conditions during the evacuation, and validating wildfire evacuation simulation models.

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