How Location Intelligence Can Grow Your Business and Deepen Connections with Guests

July 6, 2021

Hospitality and travel businesses have faced many challenges throughout the coronavirus pandemic. From mandatory closures and capacity restrictions to customers who changed their travel plans or canceled altogether—these challenges have made staking a claim in this highly competitive industry even more difficult.

To competitively operate a resort, hotel or motel in a post-pandemic world, it’s no longer enough to offer great service at a fair price; guests expect personalized experiences and services that anticipate their needs and interests. To provide such personalization, hoteliers need to both have a deep understanding of their guests and be prepared to act on the insights gleaned from that information. This requires more real-time data that generates deeper insights, such as location intelligence.

Where we go in the physical world is the truest indicator of consumer affinities, interests, and habits. Location intelligence gives deeper insight into hotel guests’ behavior using information about the places they go and the events they attend both on- and off-stay. Whether you’re acquiring a new property, changing amenities in an existing hotel or building a brand new location, you can utilize location intelligence to provide guests with personalized experiences so they’re excited to book their next stay with you for years to come.

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