Location Intelligence Expert Jeff White on Post-Covid Trends and Impressions Measurement

June 15, 2021

Billboard Insider recently talked to Gravy Analytics CEO Jeff White about how consumer behavior is changing post covid and what he thinks of the proposed move from likehood-to-see to opportunity-to-see impressions.

What does Gravy Analytics do and how does it help out of home advertising companies?

At Gravy Analytics, we believe that where you go is who you are. We give businesses, advertisers and researchers insight into true, on-the-ground consumer analytics built on location intelligence derived from verified mobility data. With these insights, advertisers can better understand who their target audience should be, what they desire, who they are, and how they respond. The analysis we do uses data built on aggregated, pseudonymous mobile location signals to measure consumer activity at a certain place or event and determine whether or not they are the right audience for an advertiser’s goals.

Out of home advertising based on location intelligence gives a real-world view of the customer and the impact of the advertising in question. With location intelligence, OOH advertisers can predict where they’re most likely to reach their target audience and how many impressions an ad received (as well as who saw it). It can even help attribute in-store purchases to the ad and its location. With these capabilities, advertisers can get a headstart in knowing where to place ads for maximum visibility and how to adjust ad messaging to resonate with audiences.

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