Location intelligence can help support urban revitalization

November 13, 2021

Great urban revitalization strategies vary from city to city—and rightly so. Local consumer insights can provide urban planners with in-depth information about the preferences and interests of both city residents and visitors. In some cities, urban revitalization is a high priority, meaning urban planners need all the information and data they can get to help make informed, actionable decisions. Location intelligence, built on human mobility patterns, can give urban planners the timely, real-world consumer insights they need to design spaces that take into consideration the unique needs of each community.

With location intelligence, urban planners gain access to quality data that can aid in site selection for urban revitalization, creating a better understanding of resident and visitor needs, and keeping up with changes in economic activity. Ultimately, this can result in more resilient communities that are better places to live and work.

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