How Location Intelligence Improves Supply Chain Management

August 17, 2022

Too often, supply chain managers are in the dark about where materials are coming from or who the end-tier suppliers are. Location intelligence can help increase visibility by revealing unknown locations in a company’s supply chain.

Furthermore, with location intelligence, companies can measure foot traffic at supply chain locations, monitor for changes or anomalies, and mitigate any issues as soon as possible.

For example, if a retailer starts to see a sudden decline in foot traffic at a warehouse, it can immediately reach out to the warehouse manager to find out why this might be. If there is a confirmed issue at the warehouse, the retailer could begin adjusting its supply chain plans right away to mitigate the problem before it snowballs into a larger issue.

Beyond providing increased visibility into the supply chain network itself, location intelligence can also provide greater insight into consumer behavior, trends, and demand.

Where people choose to spend their time and money illustrates what matters most to them. With location intelligence, businesses can understand where consumers go in the real world and learn more about their interests and preferences.

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