Open, but Back to Normal? Insights from Location Intelligence Reveal How Consumer Behavior Has Changed Across Industries

December 26, 2022

Hotels are once again welcoming guests, stores and restaurants are open, and theaters are selling tickets, but to what extent is business really back to normal? Consumers rejoiced as the world opened up again this year with many eager to return to normal, or a new normal that mirrored life prior to the pandemic.

While it might seem like it’s back to business as usual, challenges related to the pandemic, inflation, and supply chain are still impacting almost every industry. Insights from location intelligence reveal which industries are open and back to normal, and which are lagging behind. It’s important for businesses to understand what new consumer behavior trends have emerged and how location data can help inform their business strategies going into next year.

So, how has consumer behavior changed this year and what can be expected this holiday season?

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