What pandemic-era adjustment will have the greatest supply chain impact?

June 13, 2022

During the pandemic, it became critical to use innovative tools, like location intelligence, to keep supply chains moving amid many challenges. Location analytics increases visibility in the supply chain and enables companies to identify and react to issues faster, so this will undoubtedly continue to be essential moving forward.

—Jeff White
Founder and CEO, Gravy Analytics

Diversify your supply chain. The biggest lesson from the pandemic is the urgent need to improve supply chain resiliency to mitigate business risks. Merchants should seek to diversify supply sources and seek partners that offer solutions to reduce reliance on single supply lines and that help navigate risks in the new model.

—Mark Robinson
President, UPS Capital

Two things stand out. The first being the ability to adapt to work from anywhere. This flexibility allows less impact to the supply chain during disruptive events. Consumer behavior has also drastically changed, requiring a new type of supply chain which supports online shopping and grocery pick up.

—Kevin Williamson
CEO, RJW Logistics Group

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