Phoenix gyms, theaters and restaurants see foot traffic plummet amid pandemic, report shows

December 1, 2020

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the businesses experiencing the biggest decreases in foot traffic are gyms, theaters and dine-in restaurants, according to the latest data from Virginia-based Gravy Analytics.

While most businesses saw foot traffic drop dramatically in April, the fitness, hospitality and entertainment sectors are still hurting due to restrictions put on them by state governments, but with the November surge in Covid-19 cases, health officials have warned that in-person shopping could exascerbate the spread of the virus.

Gravy Analytics’ latest data was compiled from February, before shutdowns were put in place, through mid-November by aggregating billions of location records collected through mobile phone applications for national brands. In fact, Gravy Analytics tracks consumer foot traffic changes for 200 leading brands across 50 major cities, including Phoenix.

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