Population migration, Goldman Sachs HQ: The National Observer Sept. 13, 2022

September 13, 2022

Good morning, readers. I’m back from vacation and ready to get back into the top business news of the day, so let’s dive right in.

Monte Deere, CEO of Utah-based shoemaker Kizik Design LLC, has a theory about why his state has seen so much business and corporate growth in recent years.

The workforce available in the state is getting smarter and bigger as people move from California and Oregon, he said. That has drawn a lot of development in the past 15 years — and Utah is now filled with corporate buildings and cranes pushing the growth even further. No one is afraid to build or grow a company in Utah these days, Deere said.

Utah had the second-fastest population growth rate from 2020 to 2021. Over the last five years, its population has grown 9.6%, and over the last 10, it has grown 20.4%, which means one in five Utah residents did not live there 11 years ago.

Read on for the latest installment in our series on population migration in the U.S. and what it means for businesses around the country.

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