How to Use Real-World Consumer Insights to Successfully Advertise Job Openings

January 18, 2022

As job openings hit a record high, employers face the challenge of finding qualified workers to fill their open roles during the time of the “Great Resignation.”

It’s clear that the job advertising techniques that worked to attract candidates before the pandemic no longer cut it. Companies can enhance their digital ad campaign strategies and fill vacant positions by promoting job openings using location-informed advertising audiences. This approach lets companies connect with more qualified prospective hires using audiences built on observed consumer behavior. 

Billions of mobile location signals are processed to understand the types of places consumers go in the real world. When it comes to employee recruitment, companies can use these advertising audiences to ensure their job ad campaigns will resonate with potential candidates and be seen by those who are most likely to be interested in the positions they’re trying to fill. Without this analytical approach, businesses are more likely to experience costly ad waste, and more importantly, less likely to fill their open roles. 

Take a look at two example target audiences that illustrate how companies can use location intelligence to reach job applicants. It is important to note that location-informed advertising audiences are not just limited to these examples but can be replicated across many different positions and industries. 

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