Remote work is shaking up the hiring market. Here’s who benefits.

September 15, 2022

The Covid-19-driven shift to remote work has significantly weakened the link between geography and work as employers are increasingly likely to hire from outside their home markets.

A new analysis of data from more than 35,000 companies shows just how significant the impact has been, with smaller metros often emerging as one of the biggest winners.

Gusto Inc., a payroll and benefits platform, analyzed 35,858 companies that existed on the Gusto platform for the three-year time frame starting March 2019 and ending March 2022, finding remote hiring has seen a 223% increase across the board and a 266% increase in the professional services sector.

The report illustrates how what had once been a fringe perk but has since become an expectation for job candidates and employees is changing dynamics of the workforce and communities. It’s a trend with significant implications for employers, cities, real estate brokers and many others, and Gusto’s data suggests the trend may only be beginning.

Shifting geography

Many of the markets seeing a surge in remote hires are in the mountains and the Sun Belt — mirroring trends in national migration patterns since the start of the pandemic. The list includes a mix of boom towns and smaller metros.

Notable cities with significant growth in their share of national hires include Memphis, Tennessee, which saw a 52% increase, as well as Tampa, Florida (42%),

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