Research Reveals Impact of Pandemic, Delta Outbreak on Consumer Behavior

August 20, 2021

One report showed growing concern from shoppers over the COVID-19 Delta variant.

Research released this week from Shopkick, the shopping rewards app, showed significant concern about the COVID-19 Delta variant among consumers, which could impact how, where, and why they shop.

The report follows consumer behavior research from Gravy Analytics which looked at trends prior to the pandemic and compared them to now. Researchers at the firm found notable changes within various shopper persona groups this year compared to 2019. Some of the behavior changes are expected to remain in place for some time.

In the Shopkick report, nearly half of consumers polled said they were worried about shopping in a store. “Just as normalcy appeared to be on the horizon, surges of COVID-19 cases brought by the Delta variant are once again leaving many Americans in fear of what’s to come,” the company said in a statement. “Thirty percent of shoppers are more worried about COVID as Delta cases continue to rise, and 40 percent report feeling the same level of discomfort as they did one month ago. Of those concerned Americans, 43 percent report that the Delta variant is impacting the way they shop, and nearly half (47 percent) are more worried about shopping in-store.”

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