Shifts in consumer behavior prompt big changes in DOOH campaigns

October 27, 2021

COVID’s impact on consumer behavior is evident all around us.

The “new normal” brings with it habits that consumers will keep for years to come, especially when it comes to travel. This change is big for advertisers in the DOOH space. As consumer travel increases again and border restrictions limit many Americans to domestic travel, we expect that engagement with digital billboards will also increase. While it might be tempting to go back to billboard locations that have succeeded in the past, DOOH advertisers should first reevaluate ad placement using real-world data analytics.

Unlike other types of data, location intelligence provides DOOH advertisers with insights on where consumers go in the real world. By understanding current consumer movement patterns, DOOH advertisers can not only find the best places to advertise but also gain significant insights into who is seeing digital billboards. Location intelligence that provides information about consumer foot traffic, interests, and habits is a smart approach for achieving maximum ROI from DOOH advertising campaigns in a post-COVID world.

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