Shoppers Are Open To Use Of Location Data If It Benefits Them: Study

December 8, 2022

Consumers are willing to allow companies to use their location data if it benefits them personally or society in general, according to a survey by Gravy Analytics. 

Of those polled, 73% agree with use of location information to improve app functionality. In addition, 39% would allow the use of their data so they can download and use apps for free and 23% to be served relevant ads and promotions. 

But 40% fear that location data might lead people to infer things about them based on places they visit — a feeling expressed by 44% of men and 37% of women. 

Moreover, 68% of consumers are concerned about data breaches and 62% worry that data will be traceable to them as individuals (62%). 

Still, 54% of consumers are somewhat comfortable with aggregated and anonymized location data collection being used, and believe it cannot be traced to them as individuals. That comfort level is shared by 58% with a postgraduate degree and 60% of men.

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