The State of Location Intelligence: A Conversation with Gravy Analytics

January 10, 2023

One of the foundational topics in the world of local media & commerce is location intelligence. In short, this is the art and science of ingesting place data and user movement, then utilizing that data to deliver (and track/attribute) relevant content. Of course, this has gained new meaning in the privacy-first era.

So where are we in that journey? We got the chance to catch up with Gravy Analytics – one of the leading players in Location Intelligence – to tackle that question. The company recently released a report that surveyed U.S. consumers (n=1,000) on their current temperature on location sharing.

CEO Jeff White weighs in on big topics like how brands can form effective location strategies. What’s different in location intelligence today versus ten years ago? How does gen-z think about location? And what are the dynamics around the “value exchange” in getting people to opt-in to share location?

Below is our interview with White, as well as some top survey findings.

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