The Billboard Is Back: The Renewal Of OOH Advertising

May 9, 2018

Billboards are having a serious moment right now. Netflix recently announced it’s offering $300 million for the acquisition of an L.A. billboard company, sparking renewed interest in what could be called “old school” out-of-home (OOH) advertising. As the worlds of offline and digital marketing blur, billboards could become a powerful channel for media companies like Netflix, and other brands — especially those that use data-informed insights to perfectly match the billboard’s content and location.

It’s no secret that traditional advertising has been on the decline. However, a recent industry report shows billboards and other parts of the OOH segment are still alive and in-demand — especially from tech companies and Hollywood, which love the old-fashioned billboard.

If OOH advertising is part of your brand’s strategy and budget, then it makes sense to leverage location data to ensure optimum ROI. Seventy-three percent of consumers now allow apps to access their location, providing insight into real-world consumer behavior. When aggregated and anonymized, this location data reveals valuable insights about where people go and what they do there, helping billboard companies and the brands using them understand neighborhood traffic patterns. This ensures these displays get not only good volume of eyeballs, but also the right eyeballs.

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