What’s the biggest supply chain silo?

May 5, 2022

Typically, each supplier tier is siloed from the next, and most companies have low, if any, visibility beyond their first-tier suppliers.

—Jeff White
Founder and CEO, Gravy Analytics

The origin and destination offices for importers’ supply chains are not simply adjacent silos, they are orbiting planets. Bring both sides together on a central supply chain management platform so they can work together in real time on the same shipment file.

—Bryn Heimbeck
President, Trade Tech

Lack of visibility across modes can create silos, especially for global shippers that combine ocean, air, intermodal, and over-the-road transportation. Working with a provider that offers technology and expertise across modes is critical to gaining visibility and ensuring exceptional service.

—JJ Shickel
CEO, Omni Logistics

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