ShopAdvisor and Gravy Analytics Webinar Explains How Brands and Retailers Can Utilize Event Attendances to Power Mobile Proximity Marketing Campaigns

    Attend a webinar hosted by ShopAdvisor, Inc., and Gravy Analytics to learn how to turn consumer attendances at events of all kinds — sporting, cultural and educational — into opportunities to engage with consumers through compelling mobile proximity marketing campaigns.

    Leesburg, Va., October 7, 2016.

    Who: Hear from ShopAdvisor’s CTO, Jeremy Daly, and Gravy Analytics CRO, Aaron Vance, on how to make mobile proximity marketing campaigns that connect with consumers with the right offer at the right place at the right time.

    What: From NFL games to “Friday Night Lights” at the local high school: from major music festivals to open mic nights at popular watering holes; from educational seminars to political gatherings; from boutique store openings to malls filled with holiday shoppers, these events offer incredibly rich environments for brands and retailers to connect with–and learn about consumers. These “lifestyle and lifestage” events bring consumers into close proximity with thousands of stores and products. The challenge is finding the smartest way to engage consumers with content that inspires them to go to a store and buy a specific product. Retailers and brands must find ways to cut through the noise and motivate shoppers by understanding how use the intelligence generated from their mobile devices to help them discover, evaluate, and influence them to purchase products. By building mobile strategies that center on understanding shoppers and their needs within the context of local events, marketers, brands, and retailers can create experiences that will ultimately drive more in-store shopping.

    The webinar will cover:
    How mobile location based technologies influences shopper options and actions

    The data needed to know what consumers will respond to–at events and in between, to better target consumers and personalize messaging

    Leveraging location awareness to drive shoppers to the right stores

    The importance of product availability

    Building engaging mobile experiences with relevant content that connects in a way that drives shoppers into brick and mortar stores