Location intelligence for car manufacturers and auto dealerships

Location Analytics for the Auto Industry

Data gives new and used car dealerships, auto manufacturers, and parts suppliers the information they need to make better business decisions that grow the bottom line. Whether targeting in-market auto buyers or understanding new consumer trends, location intelligence is a must-have resource for auto industry professionals who need real-world data to meet today’s challenges. 


Location Analytics for Emerging Car Technologies

Learn how automotive companies can use location intelligence to enhance the customer experience and meet changing customer expectations while also informing emerging car technologies.

Location Intelligence for the Automotive Industry

Competitive Intelligence

Analyze consumer foot traffic patterns across thousands of car dealership locations over time.

Customer Intelligence

Location-informed consumer insights can boost sales, customer satisfaction, and the total customer experience.

Data Enrichment

Enrich customer data with car buyer personas built on consumer behavioral insights from location intelligence.

Foot Traffic Analytics

Measure consumer activity at dealerships, manufacturers, auto parts retailers, and other places of interest.

Market Research

Determine consumer car-buying trends based on location.

Start Planning with Real World-Data

Your organization needs data for its strategic planning to meet today’s public sector challenges.

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