Financial Services & Insurance

Reach in-market consumers, inform investment decisions, enhance your market research and so much more.

How are financial services and insurance companies using location intelligence in the real world?



Reach ‘Luxury Lifestylers’, ‘New/Expectant Parents’’ and other target consumers with your advertising message. Choose from hundreds of ready-made Gravy Audiences available through leading DMPs and DSPs today.

Customer Insights

Consumer Insights

Improve your understanding of customer behavior. Discover where your clients dine, visit, and shop. Uncover co-marketing and sponsorship opportunities that extend your brand and delight your customers.

Industry Trends

Industry Trends

Compare foot traffic and repeat visits by industry – retail, restaurant, hospitality and more. Measure company and brand performance relative to national and local market trends.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Improve your ability to effectively manage risk and prevent fraud. Validate consumer-provided information with location data and insights.

Market Research

Market Research

Gain valuable data for market research. Compare relative foot traffic and repeat visits across 2000+ major brands for improved insight into company performance.

Matching the Right Audience to the Right Advertiser

Find out how location data was used to optimize on-screen advertising for moviegoers.


Discover how location intelligence can help you connect with
in-market consumers and inform business decisions.

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