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With intense competition among entertainment providers and travel destinations for consumers’ mindshare and wallets, the sky is the limit.

How are sports and entertainment companies using location intelligence in the real world?



Reach ‘MLB Baseball Fan,’ ’NHL Hockey Fan’, ‘Sports Fan,’ ‘Super Bowl Enthusiast’, ‘Live Music/Concert Goers’, and other target consumers with your advertising message. Choose from hundreds of ready-made Gravy Audiences available through leading DMPs and DSPs today.

Customer Insights

Fan Insights

Improve your understanding of fan behavior. Discover where your fans dine, visit, and shop – before, during, and after the game or show. Uncover new product, service, or co-marketing opportunities that extend your brand.

Customer Retention

Fan Retention

Create a custom audience built on your fan base. Re-engage visitors through targeted offers and high-value promotions that encourage additional visits and brand loyalty.

Market Research

Market Research

Identify your fan’s travel and entertainment habits. Understand the types of fans who love to travel and discover their go-to trips or destinations.

Unique Context


Based on your fan insights, promote sponsorship opportunities that reach interested consumers and delight your sponsors.

Planning & Logistics

Planning & Logistics

Enhance logistics and crowd management. Plan for periods of high fan base demand with the largest database of events in the U.S.

Matching the Right Audience to the Right Advertiser

Find out how location data was used to optimize on-screen advertising for moviegoers.


Get insights to drive fan engagement and loyalty with location intelligence.

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