Improve Sports and Entertainment Marketing with FanVue

Fans might not be in the stands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up fan engagement. FanVue provides sports and entertainment marketers with the insights they need to stay connected with their target audiences.

The Importance of Data-Driven Marketing for Sports and Entertainment

Data provides sports and entertainment companies with the ability to make solid business decisions that will ultimately drive revenue and keep them within their budgets. Location intelligence is a must-have marketing tool for sports and entertainment marketing experts looking to use real-world data to meet today’s challenges. 

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How can location intelligence help the sports and entertainment companies enhance their marketing strategy?

Adapt Sponsorship and Partnership Strategies

Adapt Sponsorship and Partnership Strategies

Use data to prove the value of current sponsorships and partnerships. Discover new sponsors and partners looking to reach your most dedicated fans.

Adjust Venue Logistic Plans

Adjust Venue Logistic Plans

Determine the busiest times at venues like stadiums and arenas. Pivot your staffing, security, crowd management, merch, and vendor strategies to fit fan attendance.

Reach Fans with Targeted Ads

Reach Fans with Targeted Ads

Your fans are spending more time on their mobile devices. Advertise your streaming services, online events, and game schedules directly to them.

Restore Fan Confidence

In today’s economy, your fans are facing many different challenges. Create data-driven marketing strategies that will meet their needs and get them excited about upcoming events – from opening day to their first post-COVID concert.

Ready to get better fan insights?

Gravy FanVue provides you with high-quality data insights to help you improve the ROI of your advertising and marketing campaigns.


Market Intelligence for the Sports & Entertainment Industries

For sports and entertainment brands looking to better understand their target market, where their fans go before and after they visit a stadium or competitive intelligence, we recommend Gravy Insights for insight into consumer movement patterns and market share.


Sports & Entertainment Industry Advertising Audiences

For sports and entertainment companies looking to improve their ad strategy, we recommend using Gravy Audiences to engage more interested consumers and improve the ROI of advertising campaigns.

Home BuyersIn-MarketHomeUsers visiting Homes for Sale or Open House EventsReal Estate, Insurance, Financial ServicesReal EstateU.S.
Business TravelerLifestyleTravelUsers whose travel profiles indicate business travelHospitality & Travel, RetailHospitality and TravelU.S.
Luxury LifestyleLifestylePersonasUsers attending events and places that indicate a luxury lifestyle such as art auctions, luxury car auctions, country clubs and yacht clubsAutomotive, Entertainment, Financial Services, Hospitality & Travel, Insurance, Real Estate, Restaurant, Retail, SportsHospitality and TravelU.S.
Self PampererLifestylePersonasUsers attending events and places that indicate they enjoy pampering themselves. These include personal health events and places such as spas, salons and boutiquesHospitality & Travel, RetailHospitality and TravelU.S.
Golf LoverEnthusiastSportsUsers who golf frequently and attend golfing eventsEntertainment, Hospitality & Travel, Retail, SportsSports and EntertainmentU.S.
New Parents / ExpectingIn-MarketLife StagesUsers attending Lamaze, birthing, breastfeeding, new parent support groups, etc. events and attending places such as children's clothing storesAutomotive, Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, RetailReal EstateU.S.
Auto BuyersIn-MarketAutomotiveUsers visiting Automobile DealershipsAutomotive, Financial Services, Insurance, RetailAutomotiveU.S.
Beer LoverEnthusiastFood and BeverageUsers who attend craft brewing events, beer tasting events and brewpubsEntertainment, Hospitality & Travel, Restaurant, RetailU.S.
Sports FanEnthusiastSportsUsers who attend spectator sporting events such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse and soccer games at the professional and college levelsEntertainment, Hospitality & Travel, Retai