Real Estate Development

Location intelligence for real estate development and infrastructure planning

Location Analytics for Real Estate & Infrastructure

Data that reflects consumer movement patterns in the real world is incredibly relevant to real estate and infrastructure development projects. Insights from location intelligence can help real estate developers and civil engineers with site selection, land use planning, and commercial property development. 


Using Location Analytics for Community Planning

Gravy Analytics and Lake Nona, one of the fastest-growing master-planned communities in America, teamed up to deliver enhanced community insights.

Location Analytics for Real Estate Development & Infrastructure Planning

Data Enrichment

Elevate your real estate analytics with location-based insights that reflect real-world consumer movement patterns.

Economic Development

Get valuable insights into resident and visitor needs and design neighborhoods that meet the unique requirements of the community. 

Market Research

Discover consumer insights in your location of interest that help you predict emerging real estate market trends.

Site Selection

Determine where retail businesses should be built within a neighborhood with location-based consumer insights and foot traffic data.

Start Planning with Real World-Data

Learn how you can use location intelligence to inform your next real estate or infrastructure development project.

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