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Location intelligence for retail business operations

Location Analytics for Retail & Restaurants

Big data analytics give retail and restaurant groups the real-world insights they need to make smarter business decisions. Location intelligence is a must-have solution for any retail or restaurant brand that needs up-to-date market research to meet today’s challenges. With location intelligence, brands can reach the right consumers, get ahead of competitors, find new store locations, and ultimately improve the customer experience.


Customer Insights for Advertising

Learn how TGI Friday’s used location analytics to advertise itself as the post-event venue of choice for entertainment and music fans.

Retail Business Strategy with Location Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Analyze retail foot traffic at competitor locations to gain new competitive and customer insights and benchmark company performance.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your customer data with location-informed buyer personas that reflect real-world behavior throughout the customer journey.

Retail Advertising

Reduce wasted ad spend and improve campaign response rates by reaching the right target audiences with the right advertising.

Site Selection

Determine the best locations for new stores by analyzing retail foot traffic, consumer behavior, and trade area.

Supply Chain Analytics

Predict changes in consumer demand and pinpoint possible risks within your supply chain in near real-time.

Start Planning with Real-World Data

Learn how you can use location intelligence to improve retail operations and strategic planning.

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