Supply Chain Visibility and Planning with Location Analytics

Today’s supply chain landscape is full of disruptions and uncertainties. One of the biggest challenges of supply chain management (SCM) is maintaining a balance between supply and demand. However, without the right data sets, organizations won’t be able to understand consumer demand and the relationships between different tiers within supply chains. When organizations enrich their supply chain analytics with enterprise location intelligence, they can get better supply chain visibility (SCV) and improve risk management. 

In this white paper, we cover how organizations can use location analytics to:

  • Map out their supply chains.
  • Select the right location for warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Identify relationships between supply chain tiers. 
  • Pinpoint anomalies and supply chain risks.
  • Address surges in consumer demand.

Download the “Supply Chain Analytics with Location Intelligence” white paper to understand how organizations can improve their supply chain planning and gain better visibility into supply chains with location analytics. 

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