IOS GOLD SDK Release Notes – v1.3

- RTLP (Realtime Location Processing) added; 	
- Bug fixes;
- Simplification of the registration process to start using the SDK.
- Deprecated override option during registration.
- Improved integration of platform 2.0.
- New Test Mode for debugging purposes that will let developer send location logs on demand to the server.
- Data verification features to request up to a hundred location logs sent to the server from the currently registered device.
- New functionality added to reset all data from the SDK and start anew.
- Location Accuracy bug fix
- Enhanced Device Recognition

- iOS 9 Bug fixes

- Platform 2.0 (Aurum) integration.
- iOS 9 Support
- Support for batch location processing.
- Coppa Support for enabling and disabling location services and location reporting on demand.
- Bug fixes.