Use cases for location intelligence

Explore location intelligence applications by use case.

Competitive Intelligence

Conduct a competitive analysis to determine how your business is performing against its competitors.

Customer Intelligence

Transform your business strategy with customer insights.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your consumer data with location intelligence.

Economic Development

Measure economic activity and growth in your community.

Event Analytics

Analyze event data to understand what customers are interested in.

Foot Traffic Analytics

Understand consumer behavior trends by analyzing retail foot traffic.

Market Research

Get ahead of emerging consumer market trends and discover where opportunities are based on customer insights.

Operational Intelligence

Optimize your business processes with real-world consumer insights. 

Retail Advertising

Increase CTR and ROI of retail advertising campaigns.

Site Selection

Select the best location for your business based on customer behavior.

Supply Chain

Address disruptions to your supply chain with near real-time analytics.

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