Data Enrichment

Enrich business data with location analytics.

B2B data enrichment, B2C data enrichment, first-party data enrichment—whatever your data strategy is, you’ll need quality data like location analytics.

Enhance audience segmentation

Use consumer insights to improve messaging and reach more engaged customers.

Improve personalization

Take marketing and advertising personalization to the next level.

Determine business growth

Enrich company data to understand where
to improve business operations.

Benefits of enriching big data with location analytics


Better audience segmentation & customer personas

Enriching CRM data with enterprise location intelligence allows companies to improve audience segmentation, adding a completely new dimension to measure customer affinities, interests, and behaviors. Customer intelligence from location-based insights can also be used to create detailed customer personas.

Key Product

Identify market opportunities 

The additional information provided by data enrichment services can be applied to analyzing customer behavior by city, state, or region. By analyzing business data enriched with enterprise location intelligence, companies can measure current market trends in specific areas, and apply predictive analytics to plan for the future. 

Key Product


Make more informed business decisions

A data analysis is only as good as the data it is built on. If an organization relies on only one dataset, then they may not have all the insights that they need to make the best business decisions. However, when a company uses third-party data along with its first-party data, this enriched data will enable them to elevate their business strategies.

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Is your business looking for a data enrichment solution?

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Customer Stories

Quote: John Hopkins
Tavistock Group

"Gravy Analytics’ data has helped shine a light on the complicated patterns of human mobility. Our team looks forward to leveraging the insights their data provides in the pursuit of creating ever more accurate disease models."

Mathias Insley, Delineo Project Student Project Leader
Quote: Tavistock Group
Tavistock Group

"By using Gravy’s location intelligence, we were able to understand what residents and visitors of the Lake Nona community needed."

Juan Santos, SVP Brand Experience

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The Power of Business Data Enrichment

When business intelligence (BI) and location analytics are combined, organizations can better understand customer behavior and discover opportunities to increase customer engagement.

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