Market Research

Location intelligence provides market researchers with insights into consumer behavior.

Not all data used for market research focuses on the real world,
but location analytics does.

Analyze trends

Understand current consumer trends and predict emerging ones.

Get competitive

Stay ahead of competitors with advanced market research data.

Enrich consumer data

Market research requires consumer insights based on where people go in the real world.

Improve market research with location intelligence


Analyze consumer trends

To keep up with the latest consumer trends, companies need to understand where customers go in the real world. Where consumers go in the real world reveals their preferences and interests. The data can be used to keep up with current and emerging market trends.

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Gauge company performance

Perhaps the most important part of market research is competitive analysis. While it does matter how the competition is performing, companies need to also identify where the best market opportunities are. With location intelligence, market researchers can benchmark their clients against competitors. 

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Enrich consumer research data

Most market researchers rely on using surveys, interviews, and questionnaires to gather information for their clients. Location intelligence provides analysts and business leaders with data that reflects consumer behavior in the real world. When companies are conducting market research, analysts should consider enriching consumer data with location intelligence to create a more accurate customer profile.

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Customer Stories

Quote: John Hopkins
Tavistock Group

"Gravy Analytics’ data has helped shine a light on the complicated patterns of human mobility. Our team looks forward to leveraging the insights their data provides in the pursuit of creating ever more accurate disease models."

Mathias Insley, Delineo Project Student Project Leader
Quote: Tavistock Group
Tavistock Group

"By using Gravy’s location intelligence, we were able to understand what residents and visitors of the Lake Nona community needed."

Juan Santos, SVP Brand Experience

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Smarter Community Planning

Before Lake Nona used location intelligence to successfully get insights about its daily visitors, they were using demographic data and annual resident surveys.

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