What are the benefits of working with Gravy Analytics for location intelligence vs.

We know you have options when it comes to choosing a location intelligence partner. But not all location intelligence companies are the same.

“Gravy’s data complements our existing feature inventory because Gravy Visitations data is uniquely suited to help data scientists better understand the relationship between foot traffic and their business issues due to its depth, breadth, and quality.”

Doug Grimsted, CEO of Nitrogen.ai
Doug Grimsted, CEO of Nitrogen.ai

Real-World Consumer Insights For Your Company

Gravy provides more than just location data; we deliver location analytics to help our customers understand where people travel and why. Gravy looks beyond movement patterns to find real-world customer behavioral information, including purchasing habits, preferences, and developing trends.

Consumer foot traffic is the new economic indicator. 

Data Quality That You Can Trust

Raw location data is dirty. Gravy works with some of the world’s leading suppliers of raw location data to aggregate, deduplicate, and clean up the global location data supply – so our location analytics are built on the best quality location data around.

In a COVID-19 world, understanding location and population movement is absolutely critical for public health and business planning.

Eric Franchi, Operating Partner at MathCapital
Eric Franchi, Operating Partner at MathCapital

Data That’s Simpler To Work With

Every signal in our platform is validated by Gravy’s AdmitOne processing engine with Location Data Forensics. High accuracy? Check. Inadequate precision? Check. Driving? Check. Possibly fraudulent? You betcha. We provide you with all of this information so that you can work with only the data you require.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small – Data That’s Just Right

Gravy’s singular focus on precision – using only location signals with 5+ decimal points, and hand-drawing polygonal geofences around millions of places and events – delivers the most accurate visit data in the market and right-sized advertising audiences.

See our data in action. Check out our Economic Activity dashboards.

Data That Works With Your Organization

Use our powerful APIs or batch data delivery to work Gravy Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) into the systems and analysis tools you already use. Interested in our advertising audiences? Choose from among hundreds of ready-to-use Gravy Audiences available on the industry’s top advertising platforms.

Bonus: You can even ask us to build a custom advertising audience just for you.

Get to Know Gravy

Personalized service and consumer privacy are our priorities. 

Personalized Service

We understand that your business is unique. Whether you’re using our data for foot traffic analysis, competitive insights, or advertising, our team of location data experts will help your business get the most from location intelligence.

Consumer Privacy

We put consumer privacy at the center of everything we do and ensure that our data platform remains transparent and compliant with all industry and legal requirements. Gravy also requires its data suppliers to comply with all local privacy laws, including required consumer consent and opt-out provisions.

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