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As a location data controller, Gravy Analytics processes and aggregates data from multiple providers. This assures the breadth and veracity of the data we supply to our customers, who use Gravy’s data to power everything from advertising, consumer insights, and competitive intelligence, to business development strategies and operational efficiencies.

We take consumer privacy seriously and ensure that our data platform remains fully transparent and compliant with industry and legal requirements. Critical to this endeavor is ensuring that our data suppliers comply with all applicable privacy laws.

How We Protect Consumer Privacy

Data in aggregate.

All Gravy products are built on aggregated data from multiple sources, location signals, and devices.

No real-time tracking.

Gravy processes its location data with a 48-72 hour delay. No location data is received (or processed) in real-time.

No universal tracking.

Gravy creates and maintains latitude/longitude based geo-fences around commercial locations of interest only – like shopping, dining, entertainment or event destinations.

Consumer opt-out.

Gravy honors mobile users’ requests to not accept location data from their mobile devices – and we share those requests with our partners.


The CCPA refers to the California Consumer Protection Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2020. The CCPA grants California residents certain rights with respect to the collection and sale of their Personal Information.


The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is currently in effect. It applies to non-EU organizations to the extent they offer goods or services to EU residents or monitor the behavior of EU residents.

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