Gravy Data-as-a-Services (DaaS)

Verified location datasets and services built for your unique business needs.

Cleansed and verified datasets built on mobile location data.

Gravy Data-as-a-Service (Gravy DaaS) delivers verified visitation, persona, and IP address data to leading companies for use in a wide range of industry-specific applications.

All data is processed through our patented AdmitOneTM verification engine with Location Data Forensics – filtering and categorizing inaccurate and even fraudulent location signals. The final result? A comprehensive suite of cleansed, high-quality location data products that drive real results.


Data-as-a-Service Products



Conduct geo-location analyses, model traffic patterns, and combat fraud with enriched location data aggregated by geo-hash and time.


Measure foot traffic at any commercial location of interest with 1B+ monthly visits to places and events across the U.S.


Monthly attendances at venues and events across the U.S. Comprised of visits likely to include a commercial transaction.

Frequented Locations

Most-visited locations associated with a mobile device.


Enrich your customer data with over 350 consumer behavioral classifications. Identify foodies, frequent shoppers, in-market auto buyers and more.

IP Address

Enhance your device graph with IP address data. Includes IP addresses associated with Mobile Advertiser ID.

Product Features & Benefits

Real-World Consumer Intelligence
Real-World Consumer Intelligence

Deterministic measurement of consumer behavior and visitation patterns, trended over time.

Historical Data
Historical Data

Up to 3 years of historical data for use in predictive models.

Comprehensive Brand Coverage
Comprehensive Brand Coverage

Data for more than 2,000 leading brands with a physical, brick-and-mortar footprint.

Improve your understanding of target audiences and market to them efficiently using location data and insights.
Precision Geo-Fences

Hand-drawn, polygonal geo-fences capture consumer visits at places of interest with precision.

Unique Context
Unique Content

Place visits are enriched with event metadata for improved consumer behavioral profiling.

Superior Flexibility
Superior Flexibility

Suitable for use in both marco industry and discrete location analyses.

Enrich your data with Gravy’s DaaS datasets

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Don’t Rely on Low-Quality Location Data

Low quality and fraudulent location data can increase the number of inaccurate signals, resulting in a skewed data analysis and impacting important business decisions.

The Location Data Difference



Billions of daily location signals from 150M+ mobile devices



The largest events database gives context to millions of places and POIs



Consumer attendances built on 100% deterministic location data


Discover how location intelligence can help your stores succeed.


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