Location data sets & location analytics designed for the enterprise.

Innovative data sets & analytics built on privacy-friendly mobile location data.

Whether you need foot traffic data for market research, competitive intelligence, or operational insight, leading companies rely on Gravy Analytics for location intelligence that enables better decision-making across the enterprise.
We start by enriching each location signal with Location Data Forensics – separating high-quality signals from low-quality, suspicious, and even fraudulent signals. Our privacy-enhancing technology, PrivacyCheck, is then added to ensure that no privacy-sensitive data is used. The end result? A comprehensive suite of high-quality location data products – and resulting insights – that you can trust.


Data-as-a-Service Products

Validating and Deduplicating Location Data


Privacy-friendly foot traffic data for areas of interest globally.


Observations API: Access up to 3 years of historical Observations data, on demand.

Area Visitors API: Analyze and compare consumer foot traffic trends for areas of interest over time.

Trade Areas API: Analyze where consumers travel from to shop, dine, or visit other places of commercial interest.

Enriching Location Data with Forensic Flags


Verified foot traffic data contextualized with metadata.


Visitations API: Measure foot traffic patterns and enrich customer data with 1B+ monthly verified visits to places and events across the U.S. and Canada.

Cross-Visitations API: Analyze visit data for mobile devices for a custom area of interest and all other visits for those devices going back 3 years.

Contextualizing Location Data


Consumer personas built on the places and events they visit in the real world.


Personas API: Enrich your customer data with thousands of consumer personas. Identify foodies, frequent shoppers, in-market auto buyers, retirees, and more.

Area Personas API: Compare trends in buyer behavior between different geographic areas across the U.S. over a period of time.

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Our Data in Action

Foot Traffic Analysis

Analyze retail foot traffic to gain insight into consumer behavior trends.

Competitive Intelligence

Conduct a competitive analysis to see how your company stacks up against the competition.

Market Research

Get ahead of emerging consumer market trends and discover where opportunities exist based on high-traffic areas and customer insights.

Operational Intelligence

Using real-world consumer insights, optimize your business processes.

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