Verified Location Data for Your Unique Business Needs

    Gravy Data-as-a-Service (Gravy DaaS) delivers verified visitation, audience and event data to leading companies for use in a wide range of industry-specific applications.

    All data is processed through our patented AdmitOne verification engine – filtering duplicate, inaccurate and even fraudulent information – leaving only cleansed, high-quality data that drives real results.


    Real-World Consumer Intelligence

    Deterministic measurement of consumer behavior and visitation patterns, trended over time.

    Historical Data

    12+ months of historical data for use in predictive models.

    Unique Context

    Enriched with consumer events and activities for improved behavioral profiling.

    Comprehensive Brand Coverage

    Coverage for more than 2000 major brands with a physical footprint.

    Precision Geo-Fences

    Designed from the start with 100% polygonal geo-fences.

    Superior Flexibility

    Suitable for use in both macro industry and discrete location analyses.