Data for Social Good

Learn how organizations are using Gravy’s location datasets to solve real-world problems in ways that help our communities and improve our daily lives.

We believe in using location data to make our world a better place.

Gravy Analytics believes that location data should be used for social good. Location data and its derived datasets have the potential to fuel innovation within our communities and help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. For select organizations whose missions align with these values, we provide access to location datasets at a nominal cost. Supported projects have benefitted communities both in the U.S. and overseas.

We know that understanding human movement patterns, and how they change over time is key to better stewardship. Location intelligence lets local governments make policy decisions based on data, not opinion. It allows non-profit organizations and environmental groups to allocate scarce resources in the places where it is needed most. In times of crisis, location data can help prioritize outreach, deploy life-saving healthcare services, or direct the efforts of first responders. It can also help cities plan for the future – for skyrocketing growth, or a declining population – and inform critical infrastructure and redevelopment projects.

In short, location data can help to solve some of our society’s biggest challenges. Too often these problems are under-resourced; the great irony is that these are often the issues that most impact our everyday lives.

We provide location datasets that reflect human movement patterns to organizations committed to using data for the public good.
Urban Development & City Planning
Urban Development & City Planning

Plan out neighborhood amenities and services with consumer insights driven by location intelligence.

Public Health Initiatives
Public Health Initiatives

Enhance public health datasets with consumer data patterns to how human movement impacts the spread of diseases like COVID-19.

Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response
Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response

Understand traffic patterns based on consumer movement data and optimize emergency evacuation routes. 

Humanitarian Efforts
Humanitarian Efforts

Identify areas where aid is needed the most and plan out aid logistics using location analytics.

Scientific Research
Scientific Research

From social to life sciences, location intelligence provides scientists with human movement data to integrate into their research projects.

Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection

Use consumer insights from location intelligence combined with environmental data to predict how consumer behavior is impacting the environment.

Data for Social Good Projects

Learn how our research partners are using Gravy’s location data and data science for social good.

Columbia Business School logo - Data for Social Good

Columbia University – Columbia Business School

Researchers studying Management and Organizational Behavior are using our data to discover what consumer visits to places and events tell us about human personality traits and openness to new experiences.

Columbia Mailman School of Public Health logo - Data for Social Good

Columbia University – School of Public Health

Researchers at Columbia’s School of Public Health are using our data to study measures of mobility and changes in mobility in response to COVID-19 intervention measures.

Community Data Platforms logo - Data for Social Good

Community Data Platforms

The data science team at CDP is using our data to help several communities answer key questions about their local populations, and in turn, inform better community planning and policy decisions through data.

Geospatial Alpha logo - Data for Social Good

Geospatial Alpha

The project team at Geospatial Alpha is using our data to understand community reliance on public transportation during COVID-19 and to encourage expanded and innovative testing strategies.

UT Health San Antonio

UT Health San Antonio

Researchers at UT Health San Antonio are developing methods to predict emergency department volume changes in order to prevent staff fatigue and ensure that sick patients have access to medical care.


Using Location Analytics for Air Service Development

Community Data Platforms (CDP) and Nantucket Memorial Airport (ADK) teamed up to use mobility data to inform airline service development.


Request Data for Social Good

Complete this form to request access to our datasets under our Data for Social Good program. Please note that all data science research partners and supported projects are subject to the approval of Gravy’s Data Governance team.

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