Our Story

Founded in 2011, Gravy Analytics has become a leading location intelligence company, delivering real-world consumer intelligence to help companies overcome today’s biggest challenges.

Who is Gravy Analytics?

In 2011, Gravy Analytics recognized that mobile, location-based marketing was going to disrupt the marketing and analytics paradigm.  And it has.  With the industry poised to pass $55 billion and mobile media consumption surpassing desktop, mobile location has arrived.

But for marketers and advertisers, successful location-based marketing goes beyond simply knowing where consumers are at. Success requires context and quality underlying data. As a company, we strive to turn location data into the highest quality location intelligence.

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Our Team

Led by Gravy CEO and Founder Jeff White, our dedicated team is here to provide companies with the highest quality location intelligence. We provide guidance to our customers on how they can best use location data to create successful strategies and achieve business goals.

Our Mission

We want to help companies meet their biggest business challenges head on with quality location data. To do this, brands and advertisers need context to understand why consumers go where they do. The local events and activities we choose to engage in delivers that context – providing insight into our lifestyles, interests and affinities. That’s why we maintain the largest database of local events and activities in the U.S. From this contextualized location data, we deliver real-world location intelligence.

We recognize that location-based context is only as valuable as the quality of location data used to create these insights. To address this, we built the first and only location verification engine, AdmitOne, to eliminate poor location signals and deliver the most conclusive consumer audiences, insights, and data available.  And as always, we put consumer privacy at the center of everything we do.

Our Investors

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“Knowing that an individual frequents a farmers’ market every Saturday can tell you that they’re into fresh food and are likely to have a passing interest in cooking. Moreover, information about the local events consumers attend is valuable to businesses near those events for offer targeting. And Gravy has built the largest database of local events in the U.S. to do that.”

Senior Analyst at Gartner


“Consumer data can tell organizations plenty about potential customers, but it only reveals a piece of the puzzle. Location data, meanwhile, reveals offline human activity…which in turn reveals more about a person’s interests. Gravy Analytics, began with the premise that a potential customer’s offline behavior is more important than their online behavior, and now offers location data as a service.

Eric Avidon at TechTarget

“Real-world marketing location intelligence company Gravy Analytics has become the exclusive human foot traffic data provider to the Nitrogen.ai data marketplace. The company’s work with Nitrogen.ai illustrates just how we can refer to these data navigation ‘application’ as tools in the big data toolbox in their own right.

Adrian Bridgwater at Forbes

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