Case Studies

    See how leading companies are using location intelligence.

    Browse recent case studies to learn how Gravy Analytics is working with top brands to improve advertising performance, better understand their customers, identify sponsorship opportunities, and much more.

    Terra’s Kitchen

    Terra's Kitchen is the easiest and healthiest meal service available today. Learn how Terra's Kitchen used Gravy's location intelligence to learn more about their best customers - and find more like them.

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    Paramount & Best Buy

    Discover how Paramount & Best Buy used location intelligence to identify Top Gun fans and drive awareness of an upcoming 3D movie release.

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    See how Gravy's location intelligence was used to drive high-intent foot traffic to local retailers and introduce a new store-within-a-store shopping experience.

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    Gaylord Hotels

    See how a premium hotel brand used location intelligence to drive visits to the Gaylord National Resort and related events.

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    Learn how L’Oreal used Gravy’s location intelligence to reach women with an interest in beauty and fashion in the NYC area.

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    See how Fizzics used Gravy's location intelligence to drive consumer awareness - and purchases - of the company's new draft beer system.

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    TGI Friday’s

    Find out how TGI Friday's used Gravy's location intelligence to position the brand as the post-event restaurant of choice for consumers aged 20-35.

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