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Gravy Analytics and Lagoon:
Using Location Analytics to Inform Financial Investment Strategies

Lagoon, a fintech company, created a data intelligence platform that brings together many alternative datasets to provide investors with insights that go beyond earnings reports. 

Case Studies


Gravy Analytics & Lagoon:
Using Location Analytics to Inform Financial Investment Strategies

Johns Hopkins University & Gravy Analytics: Location Analytics for COVID-19 Modeling

Gravy Analytics & Lake Nona:
Location Analytics for Smarter Community Planning

Community Data Platform

Nantucket Memorial Airport, Community Data Platforms & Gravy Analytics: Using Location Analytics for Air Service Development

National Cinemedia

National CineMedia & Gravy Analytics: Movie Theater Audience Demographics

University of Florida

University of Florida & Gravy Analytics: Analyzing Evacuation Behavior to Enhance Natural Disaster Emergency Response Planning and Management

Quote: John Hopkins
John Hopkins University

“Gravy Analytics’ data has helped us analyze population movement with greater resolution, factoring in devices’ locations and time spent in different areas. It's filtering techniques, like its flags indicating when devices are likely driving or are spoofs, further increase the accuracy of our clusters by removing extraneous datapoints.”

Oren Wei, Delineo Project Student Simulation Team Leader
Quote: Lagoon
Data Lagoon

“With Gravy’s Visitations data in the Lagoon intelligence platform, our customers can use location-based datasets, alongside other traditional and alternative datasets, and almost instantly identify new investment opportunities and manage risk. With these insights, investors can gain a better understanding of business performance and make smarter investments before the rest of the market.”

Omri Shtayer, CEO and Founder, Lagoon
Quote: University of Florida
University of Florida Transportation Institute

“To better understand human behavior during wildfire events, we wanted to implement a different data collection method than those used in past studies. We hypothesized that mobility data would provide us with new insights into human movement during a catastrophic event, which could help facilitate emergency planning and management.”

Xilei Zhao, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, University of Florida
Quote: Community Data Platforms
Community Data Platforms

“With mobility data, we were able to build a business case to justify further investment. That’s the major takeaway.”

Noah Karberg, Assistant Airport Manager, ACK
Quote: Lake Nona
Data Lagoon

““We found that visitors to Lake Nona were coming from a much wider area than we previously anticipated. We were able to use that precise catchment area in conversations with major retailers and to inform our overall strategy.”

Juan Santos, SVP Brand Experience, Tavistock Development Company
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