Unlock the power of location data.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a visualization is worth a million data points. View example visualizations to discover trends and patterns revealed by location intelligence.


Brand Performance

As the economy recovers, some brands will meet or exceed expectations. Other brands will lose their way. Retail foot traffic, as measured by location intelligence, can provide real-world insight into brand performance.

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Brand Attraction

The distance people travel reveals the relative attractiveness of the brand.

Brand Performance

Today’s leading brands rely on location intelligence to surpass their competition.

Consumer Behavior

The places and events people visit in the real world provide insight into consumer behavior.

Economic Activity

Where consumers go in the real world provides businesses with insights into the new customer journey.

Live Event Analytics

Event attendance is an extraordinarily powerful indicator of consumer interest.

Distance Traveled

The distance people travel reveals the relative importance of the destination.

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