Meet Gravy.

The only location-based consumer intelligence platform identifying interests & affinities, based on verified attendances at local events & activities.

Gartner Names Gravy a Cool Vendor for 2016

What Makes Us Unique:

The only set of local events & activities data in the U.S., updated every day. From the very large to the very small, Gravy has them all.
The only location & attendance verification engine, AdmitOne™, confirming that consumers actually engage in events they attend.
The most committed lifestyle & intender audiences, TruLife™, built on consumers committed to invest time to physically engage in local events & activities.

Acquire New Customers in a Completely New Way

Gravy TruLife lifestyle & intender audiences are the only way for brands to target millions of highly committed audiences at scale & precisely measure results.

Join the Only Location Verification Network

Gravy’s Open Geo-Signals Cloud lets location-based data providers identify only the highest quality location signals & audiences for premium eCPM targeting, media spend optimization & network-partner monetization.

Calling all brands, retailers and agencies. If you want to learn how to turn events where consumers gather into potential shoppers in your retail locations, tune into our webinar hosted with ShopAdvisor on Tuesday, October 25th from 1:30-2:30pm.