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    The only location-based consumer intelligence platform built on verified attendances at places and events across the U.S.

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    February 22, 2018
    The number of Super Bowl LII viewers slipped to 103.4 million viewers, 7% lower than the number of last year’s viewers. Add to this the fact that the average NFL viewer skews older and older as millennials lose interest in the game. So how can brands be so sure they’re actually reaching their target consumers during the Big Game? In this era of ad-free streaming services and ad-skipping DVRs — not to mention budget spends upwards of $5 million for these flashy TV ads — are marketers really putting their money to good use?

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    Gravy Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

    AdmitOne verified geo-location data. Visitation, attendance, event data and more for your unique business applications.

    The Gravy Difference

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    Billions of daily location signals from 250M+ opted-in mobile devices
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    The largest events database gives context to millions of places and POIs


    Confirmed, deterministic consumer attendances at places and events

    Gravy’s patented AdmitOne verification engine delivers the highest-quality location and attendance data in the industry.

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