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Recent Press - Measuring ‘Foot Traffic’ in the Supply Chain
Food And Beverage Inflation, Antici-Flation, Shrink-Flation: Who’s Winning And Losing?

Inflation has returned, and not just at the gas pump. While raising consumer prices is always risky, many F&B companies have had to take that chance as freight and material costs have skyrocketed.

Recent Blog - A Common Sense Approach to Location Data and Sensitive Places of Interest
A Common Sense Approach to Location Data and Sensitive Places of Interest

Following the recent news that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade, there have been claims made by some lawmakers and journalists asserting that companies are selling the location data of devices that visit sensitive places.

Recent Blog - How Location Data Can Help Businesses Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions
How Location Data Can Help Businesses Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

Organizations are starting to rethink their approaches to supply chain disruptions due to the ongoing global supply chain crisis. Building a supply chain risk management plan based on data analytics is the best solution.

Recent Blog - Improve Supply Chain Visibility with Data
Improve Supply Chain Visibility with Data

Labor shortages and shifts in customer demand are a few of the latest challenges that companies are experiencing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Recent Press - What pandemic-era adjustment will have the greatest supply chain impact?
What pandemic-era adjustment will have the greatest supply chain impact?

The acceleration of digital twins. The ability to digitally model a company's manufacturing and distribution network will allow it to quickly assess the impact of large and small disruptions and take appropriate actions.

Recent Press - Dollar Stores Cashing in Amid Inflation
Dollar Stores Cashing in Amid Inflation

Price-squeezed Americans are increasingly turning to discount stores, leading Dollar Tree and Dollar General to increase sales forecasts for the year.

Better business decisions with enterprise location intelligence

We have great data—but that’s just the start. We’re a location intelligence company that delivers enterprise-grade location analytics—helping your organization get the data-driven insights it needs to make better business decisions, on-demand.

Our global human mobility data powers leading-edge solutions for a wide range of industries—from advertising to market research, financial services to supply chain risk management—that rely on knowing how people, products, and materials move throughout the world.

Validating and Deduplicating Location Data


Billions of daily location signals from mobile devices.


The largest events database gives context to millions of places and POIs.


Consumer visits built on 100% deterministic location data.

See how our human mobility insights can transform your business

Competitive Intelligence

Conduct an analysis to determine how your business is performing.

Customer Intelligence

Transform your business strategy with customer insights.

Data Enrichment

Enrich consumer data with location intelligence.

Foot Traffic Analytics

Understand consumer behavior trends by analyzing retail foot traffic.

Site Selection

Improve the site selection process with location analytics.

Supply Chain

Proactively address disruptions to your supply chain with near real-time analytics.

Here’s what customers are saying about our data

Lake Nona
The journey to better community planning

See how Lake Nona connects location technologies with insight analysis to better understand visitors to the community.

"By using Gravy’s location intelligence, we were able to understand what residents and visitors of the Lake Nona community needed."

Juan Santos, SVP Brand Experience

University of Florida
The need to understand wildfire evacuation behaviors

Discover how the University of Florida analyzed human mobility data seen in the evacuation zone and surrounding areas.

"To better understand human behavior during wildfire events, we wanted to implement a different data collection method than those previously."

Xilei Zhao, Ph.D., University of Florida

John Hopkins
The need for a public education tool

Learn how Johns Hopkins created a platform that allows any user to simulate the spread of the virus throughout a small town.

"Gravy Analytics’ data has helped shine a light on the complicated patterns of human mobility."

Mathias Insley, Delineo Project Student Project Leader

The need for powerful data for investors

Learn how Lagoon teamed up with Gravy to provide investment professionals with better insight into company performance.

"Because foot traffic reflects consumer engagement in the real world, it can be a strong indicator of company performance."

Omri Shtayer, CEO and Founder, Lagoon

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Columbia Business School

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