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Gravy Analytics is a location intelligence company that provides enterprise-grade location analytics on-demand, enabling your organization to gain the data-driven insights it requires to make better business decisions.

Our global human mobility data powers cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industries, from advertising to market research, financial services to supply chain risk management, that rely on understanding how people, products, and materials move around the world.


Get insights into human movement for any area of interest.

The ideal solution for businesses and organizations seeking valuable insights into human movement while maintaining consumer privacy. Businesses can use Gravy Analytics’ Observations data to understand human mobility for areas of interest around the world, allowing them to monitor changes in human activity, and travel patterns, over time.

Make better business decisions based on real-world consumer behavior.

Where people go tells a story. Visitations data from Gravy Analytics precisely measures foot traffic at millions of commercial points of interest, providing new insight into consumer behavior and emerging market trends. Each visit is verified by our AdmitOne platform and contextualized with rich place and event metadata, ensuring that you have access to the most complete and accurate foot traffic data possible.

Reach engaged &
in-market customers based on their
real-world behavior.

Movement indicates intention. Increase the return on your advertising investment by using location data to better understand your audience and target them on their journey to your brand. Our advertising audiences enable you to reach specific groups of consumers with precision and confidence, from foodies and frequent shoppers, to in-market auto buyers, retirees, and pre-movers.

Privacy is always our top priority.

Gravy Analytics respects consumer privacy and ensures that location data collected at sensitive locations is not used, shared, or resold. We believe it is our responsibility to set the standard for location data privacy and ethics.  

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Quote: John Hopkins

“Gravy Analytics’ data has helped shine a light on the complicated patterns of human mobility. Our team looks forward to leveraging the insights their data provides in the pursuit of creating ever more accurate disease models.”

Mathias Insley, Delineo Project Student Project Leader, John Hopkins
Quote: Tavistock Group

“By using Gravy’s location intelligence, we were able to understand what residents and visitors of the Lake Nona community needed.”

Juan Santos, SVP Brand Experience, Tavistock Development Company
Quote: Anteriad

“At Anteriad, it’s our mission to help our clients generate leads, boost sales, and drive growth. Gravy Analytics has been a key partner in helping us achieve this goal, providing high-quality location analytics that have yielded exceptional results in our clients’ B2B sales and marketing outreach efforts.”

Ken Lordy, Chief Product Officer, Anteriad

Quote: John Hopkins

“Gravy Analytics’ data has helped us analyze population movement with greater resolution, factoring in devices’ locations and time spent in different areas. It’s filtering techniques, like its flags indicating when devices are likely driving or are spoofs, further increase the accuracy of our clusters by removing extraneous datapoints.”

Oren Wei, Delineo Project Student Simulation Team Leader, John Hopkins
Quote: University of Florida

“To better understand human behavior during wildfire events, we wanted to implement a different data collection method than those used in past studies. We hypothesized that mobility data would provide us with new insights into human movement during a catastrophic event, which could help facilitate emergency planning and management.”

Xilei Zhao, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, University of Florida

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