Foot Traffic Data

Gravy Visitations data captures foot traffic to places and events in the real world. Gravy’s high-quality visit data reflects consumer activity at millions of places and events.


Location intelligence for 190+ countries
Data for 600M+ monthly mobile devices globally
Enriched with Gravy’s Location Data Forensics
1+ billion consumer visits each month
3+ years of historical foot traffic data available
Analyze foot traffic data for any place or event globally

Use Cases for Foot Traffic Data

Foot traffic data measures consumer visits to places and events in the physical world. High-quality data lets companies answer many questions, including:

  • How many people visit a place every day? Every month?
  • What times of day or days of week are the busiest?
  • How long do visitors typically stay at a location?
  • How often do visitors return to a place or area?

Foot traffic data can be used in many different ways to understand emerging market trends and changes in consumer behavior, as well as to benchmark business performance. 

Market ResearchDigital AdvertisingCompetitive Intelligence
Uncover new consumer trends and priorities in your market with in-depth foot traffic insights.Reach more engaged and in-market consumers with advertising audiences built on location data.Use location data to compare your company’s performance against competitors in your industry.
Operational IntelligenceSite SelectionData Enrichment
Improve your business processes with real-world insight into consumer movement.Understand consumer behavior and foot traffic patterns by time-of-day or day-of-week at any location of interest.Enrich your first-party customer data with location-based insights to improve segmentation and targeting.

Foot Traffic Case Studies

Learn how our customers use Gravy Visitations data to measure consumer activity at places and events of interest.


Foot Traffic Data-as-a-Service & API

Visitations DaaSVisitations API
Visitations data-as-a-service offers organizations 3+ years of verified visit data for millions of commercial locations of interest across the U.S. Understand consumer foot traffic patterns by time-of-day, day-of-week, or geographic location.Gravy’s Visitations API provides companies with turnkey access to foot traffic data on-demand. Our foot traffic API is the perfect choice for companies who want to integrate enterprise-grade foot traffic data and analytics into their own software solutions.

Ready to get started with foot traffic data?

If your business needs high-quality, reliable foot traffic data, let us know. Request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our location intelligence experts today.

Analytics Built on Foot Traffic Data

How can organizations use foot traffic data? There are many different types of analytics that can be built with foot traffic data. Collectively, these analytics can help your organization to understand foot traffic patterns and customer engagement, informing store location or design, staffing plans, and customer engagement strategies. 

A few of the analytics that can be built using foot traffic data include: 

Unique VisitorsTotal VisitsVisitor Loyalty
The number of unique mobile devices visiting a specific place or event.The total number of visits to a specific place or event.The number of visits to a specific place or event by a single device over a period of time.
Share of VisitsDwell TimeFoot Traffic Patterns
The number of visits a business location captures compared to its competitors in the category.The amount of time that a unique device typically stays at a location.Compare visits by time of day and day of week, or by city, zip code, or state.

Using Consumer Foot Traffic to Monitor Economic Trends

Consumer foot traffic provides an invaluable leading indicator of economic trends. When used in concert with other traditional and alternative datasets, foot traffic data can be used to almost instantly identify new opportunities and manage risk, giving investors a better understanding of business performance, and allowing them to make smarter investments before the rest of the market.

We create a new report each quarter to highlight interesting trends across multiple categories, from Accommodations and Shopping to Services and Restaurants, and more. Explore the overview of our latest report, our Q2 2023 Consumer Foot Traffic Trends Report.

Foot Traffic Data Examples

The following dashboards use Gravy Visitations and foot traffic data to illustrate consumer shopping, dining, and entertainment trends.

Benefits of Gravy Visitations Foot Traffic Data

Foot traffic data lets companies answer many questions, but the accuracy of those answers depends on having quality location data, which relies on how the underlying data is collected and processed.

Seven Factors to Consider When Evaluating Visitations Data - Foot Traffic White Paper

Frequently Asked Questions About Visitations Data

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