Foot Traffic Data

    Gravy Analytics is a location intelligence company that collects, cleanses, and delivers the most accurate location and foot traffic data information from over 250 million consumer mobile devices.

    We specialize in gathering foot traffic data that enterprises can analyze and apply to generate more results from business growth initiatives.

    • Advertising
    • Consumer insights
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Location selection

    Foot traffic data for business analytics.

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    Make better decisions with foot traffic data.

    Connect Digital Advertising to Store Visits

    Use Gravy Audiences to target your best customers and prospects, then link digital advertisements to offline store visits.


    Understand Your Customers and Your Competitors

    See where your customers go before and after they visit you or your competitors. Launch conquesting campaigns and increase your ROI by targeting key audiences based on where they go in real life.

    Increase ad CTR by 2.5X with location and foot traffic data.


    Gravy Analytics cleanses foot traffic data to provide accurate information.

    Foot Traffic Data for Businesses

    Enterprise-level foot traffic data for businesses that leverage digital marketing and advertising to improve physical store visits and sales. We focus on providing the most accurate foot traffic data available, with event context, to support your business initiatives and help you grow customers, revenue, and ROI.

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