Foot Traffic Data

We collect, cleanse, and deliver the most accurate location and foot traffic data from millions of mobile devices.


Benefits of Foot Traffic Analytics

Foot traffic data can provide actionable insights for many different industries including retail, restaurant, real estate, financial services, insurance, hospitality and travel, sports and entertainment, and automotive. While these sectors may have unique challenges for reaching target audiences, data on consumer movement in the real world helps provide businesses with clarity into their preferences.

Foot traffic data, sometimes referred to as footfall, is an insight into the number of consumers passing through and visiting certain areas, such as malls or businesses. 

When companies analyze foot traffic, they can answer questions such as:

  • How many people visit or walk near my business during specific time periods?
  • How long are people staying at or near my business?
  • How frequent are their visits?
  • What are the most popular times and days for people to visit?

Strengthen Marketing Efforts

Insights from a foot traffic analysis can help strengthen the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and encourage sales because they reveal where consumers prefer to shop or which events they enjoy attending, as well as where they are likely to walk around once arriving at their destination. This foot traffic data allows marketers to reliably understand when, where, and how to engage audiences so they can optimize their campaign’s messaging. 

Foot traffic also helps prove marketing attribution by linking digital advertising campaigns to offline store visits and physical sales.

Better Understand Store Visits

In addition to providing insight into consumer movement, foot traffic data also can reveal how long they spend at retail stores (also known as dwell time). That information can reveal aspects such as if there are any bottleneck or friction points at your business and store visit conversions.

Increase Ad Exposure

Increase Ad Exposure

Knowing where consumers travel when they visit shopping centers and commercial places of interest provides insight into where companies should increase ad exposure. By understanding consumer behavior trends in your store’s neighborhood, you can develop personalized ads to reach people near your store.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Discover where your customers go before and after they visit you or your competitors. Launch conquesting campaigns and increase your ROI by reaching key audiences based on where they go in real life.

Build Out More Effective Customer Personas

Build Out Detailed Consumer Personas

By better understanding your most dedicated customers, you are able to better understand their preferences. Foot traffic provides another layer of information about your target buyers to help build out consumer profiles.

Using Consumer Insights to Drive Revenue

Paramount and Best Buy teamed up together to use foot traffic data to better understand movie goers.


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