Gravy Analytics & Lake Nona:
Location Analytics for Smarter Community Planning

Lake Nona - Community Planning Case Study

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The Problem: Lack of Community Insights

Lake Nona, one of the fastest-growing master-planned communities in America, was using demographic data and annual resident surveys, but neither data collection method gave them information about its many daily visitors.

The Solution: Insights

Gravy Analytics provided Lake Nona with Gravy Insights reports and accompanying analysis to better understand visitors to the community.

“We found that visitors to Lake Nona were coming from a much wider area than we previously anticipated. We were able to use that precise catchment area in conversations with major retailers and to inform our overall strategy.”
Juan Santos, SVP Brand Experience, Tavistock Development Company

The Findings: Better Community Planning

Gravy’s data helped Lake Nona: 

  • Improve competitive standing against rapidly growing markets
  • Prioritize land sales and commercial leasing outreach
  • Inform B2C residential marketing strategy

Want to learn more?

Download the full case study to get details on how Lake Nona used location analytics to inform community planning.

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