National CineMedia & Gravy Analytics: Movie Theater Audience Demographics

National Cinemedia

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The Problem: Incomplete Demographic Profiles

National CineMedia (NCM), a movie theatre advertising network, had been relying on U.S. census data, but this type of data alone didn’t provide them with enough information to build accurate demographic profiles on movie theatre attendees.

The Solution: Insights

NCM used Gravy Insights to understand the visitation and brand buying preferences of their target audience.

The Findings: A Better Understanding of Movie Goers

With Gravy’s data analysis, NCM discovered that their audience was interested in:

  • Local brands
  • Upscale shopping
  • Amusement parks
  • Concerts

Want to learn more?

Download the full case study to see what other insights National CineMedia discovered about their audience and how they proved the value of advertising on the big screen.

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