Data: Retailers that can expect to see Black Friday store visits and those that won’t

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Starting tomorrow major retailers are expecting a big uptick in online buying and in-store foot traffic, driven by discounting and the Black Friday shopping frenzy. Gravy Analytics has released data that suggests, based on 2017 data, which stores are likely to see increased foot traffic and which ones will see fewer shoppers in their retail locations.

Traditional retailers set for major foot traffic increases. The data are based on mobile-location store visitation data captured Black Friday week last year. Based on that data, the following are the stores that can expect to see the largest visitation gains and those at the other end.

If the pattern last year holds true in 2018, major traditional retailers can expect to see big increases in store visits. Best Buy, JCPenney and Macy’s in particular saw very significant visitation growth last year during the Black Friday period. Though not included in the partial list above, many discount retailers saw much smaller gains (in single digits) or even losses. Costco was off 4 percent and Dollar Tree was off 1 percent for example.

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