Chipotle converts more customers to its mobile army

Chipotle (CMG -0.3%) is due to release earnings tomorrow in a report that is once again expected to highlight the strength of the digital business.

With Chipotle re-opening stores, foot traffic data from Gravy Analytics shows Chipotle visits in an improving trend from -64% in April (from February baseline) to -30% in June and -31% in July, although lagging many competitors with fast-food traffic down 26% in June on average (chart from Gravy Analytics).

What Chipotle might have lost in foot traffic market share, it more than made up with digital sales market share as the chain has converted even more customers to mobile pickup/drive-through, while competitors fall behind. Overall, comparable sales are forecast to fall 11.9% for Chipotle in Q2, which will likely easily top the industry average.

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